The Man with a Plan

A transformation of self-employed accountant to small business owner

One man's dreams coming true


Passion is born

Entrepreneurs are their own kind of breed. They see the world with unlimited opportunity, driven with a destination to freedom. Some may call them obsessed, crazy, in over their heads but we know its passion. 

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
-Maya Angelou

EST. 1978

For over 30 years, Puma Accounting has been in business in Rome, New York. Founder, Frank Puma, born and raised in Rome, by his mother, an entrepreneur in real estate. He married his hometown sweetheart in 1974.

Puma graduated from SUNY IT in 1978, using his GI Bill from his tour in Vietnam and starting his own practice in mind. His desire was to work for himself, be his own boss with dedication and persistence he learned at home and the army. 


Founder, Frank Puma

Puma knew that he would always be in business as long as there were people in business. Puma has a love for God, his family and community.

While he devoted to working three jobs to provide for his family, his self employment career launched in 1978. He worked for a hometown drug store chain as their junior accountant from 1978-82.

In 1983, he started working as an administrative for the Neighborhood Improvement Program for the city of Rome until 1999 and went full time self-employed with Puma Accounting. 

Passion in action

Puma was elected as Oneida county legislator in 2003, '05, '07 , and '09. He was able to use his experience as an accountant and business owner to make wise decisions on voting for his community.

He helped constituents with their concerns and issues. Puma enjoyed being involved in the community. He believes the more you know the more you can do. And he is right. 

Any sales person will tell you the best way to advertise is word of mouth. For Rome, New York, with its strong traditions, and the help of everyone knowing everyone, Puma's reputation for being an honest, ethical accountant had hit the streets.

In October of 2009, Puma was appointed personally by the Mayor James Brown of Rome to be the treasurer. He served for the remainder of the mayor's term til January 2011. 

Growing the team

Puma had roughly 100 clients in his first 5 years of business. Within 20 years he had accumulated to over 500 clients. Growing wasn't an issue but doing it all himself was.

An opportunity for Puma to expand was knocking at his door, physically. A local woman walked into his Chestnut Street office and asked if Puma had any positions available. He said, " it was like God brought me an angel. Kathy was experienced and had great credibility in Rome."

In Robert Kiyosaki's book, "Cash Flow Quadrant" he explains the difference between self employment and business owner. A self employed business can only make money as long as the person is working. If they don't work, they don't get paid. For example a photographer needs to take photos to get paid. If there are no photo shoots, there's no income. Being a business owner, you can build more than 24 hours in a day with people working for you. With 10 people working 10 hours a day you've created a 100 hour day.

Successful owners with a system have the ability to step to the side of their business and have it function without fail even thrive! Puma's vision of being a business owner was coming to fruition. 

Having another accountant on board allowed Puma to focus on his payroll and bookkeeping business. Within a year he hired his first bookkeeper. His dream was becoming a reality.

The team was growing and in 2010 he hired his right hand man, David Stamp. With Stamp's managing experience, Puma Accounting started taking on new business and personal clients.


General Manager, David Stamp

Who doesnt like a little recognition?

The team doubled in production and started promoting like never before! Puma has learned a few things as a business owner and boss.

The word got out, this man has a plan to give back to his clients. Puma Accounting appreciates their clients because if it wasn't for their ambition to make their impact in the world, their job would be hard to find.

So, who doesn't love a little recognition? Puma Accounting understands people can prepare their own return or go to one of their competitors.

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