Tax Debt Reduction – Part I

By David Stamp: Certified Tax Preparer at Puma Accounting


Save Thousands of dollars that you owe to the IRS?

Yes, it's true!

At Puma Accounting, Tax Debt Reduction is our specialty and we can make it a reality for you.

About 10 years ago, the owner of our business, Frank Puma, had a client sit down in front of him. This client owed the IRS over $90,000! Frank knew this was a burden too big for his client to handle


Frank did some research, and came across the Offer-in-Compromise program. He diligently set forth to fill out the necessary forms, collect all pertinent information, and submit an offer for only $9,000 to the IRS.

"This process took several months, however after much patience it paid off. The IRS accepted the $9,000, and forgave the rest. Oh Yeah!"

Seeing the client's relief when these offers get accepted is a huge reward for me. Many of them couldn't see a way out of their situation, and it added much stress in their lives. Now they can start fresh and move forward.

Do you have a large tax debt with the IRS or NY State? Let us help remove these burdens from your lives, and give you a fresh start.

Our office sees clients come in all the time with situations like this. We have been extremely successful saving them money. There are just a few other real results that will astonish you:


$7,143   /  $400
$14,617  / $1,000
$26,646 / $4,000
$28,631  / $4,000
$52,708 / $5,000

The amount offered varies from situation to situation. It really depends on how much is owed, how much income they have currently and their overall bills.

If you have a tax situation that you would like to discuss, please contact us today!